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Are you suffering from allergies? 
​Courtney Peña ND, R.BIE is a certified naturopath and intuitive wellness coach whose Houston, Texas holistic health practice specializes in lasting allergy relief with energy medicine including muscle checking kinesiology, homeopathic principles and stimulation of acupressure points. For further auto-immune inflammation relief, Courtney also specializes in low histamine diet and lifestyle techniques. 

Courtney is a licensed BIE (Bio-energetic Intolerance Elimination) practitioner. By combining ancient Eastern healing knowledge with modern Western technology, BIE reestablishes the natural balance between the body and various food, environmental, animal and chemical stressors. Clients report lasting relief in as little as 1-4 appointments- all without the use of needles or drugs!

Emotional blocks to goals can also be addressed (by request) utilizing a range of Body/Mind/Spirit techniques including BodyTalk, MAP (Manifesting All Possibilities), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and intuitive wellness coaching to restructure negative self-defeating perceptions and stuck emotions into constructive tools for a positive life change and renewed overall vitality.  

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Contact Courtney Peña, Holistic Allergy Relief and Wellness Coach I 832-479-8020 I penabodybalance@gmail.com